About Alan

A native of Washington, D.C, Alan now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  He has been photographing and making prints since the early 1960s. He has studied under such legends as Mark Power (Corcoran School of Art), Fred Picker (Zone VI Workshop), and Art WolfeLinde Waidhofer, and Lito Tejada-Flores (Santa Fe Photography Workshops). His work has appeared in publications of The Nature Conservancy (The Nature Conservancy Magazine, Md.-D.C., Virginia, Delaware, Arizona, and New Mexico Chapters), and also in private collections, and has been seen in the Northern Virginia Photography Show. He has also presented a one-artist exhibit at the SpiralFlight Center in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. His photographs have been selected twice by The Nature Conservancy as Photo of the Month.

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For many years, his focus was on black-and-white photography, using a view camera, and creating exhibit prints in his own darkroom.  A selection of these prints appears in the Black and White Photo Gallery.  Several years ago, he found that high-end digital photography -- both direct digital capture and digital printing from scanned transparencies -- offered as great a level of control over the quality of the printed image as his black-and-white darkroom work, and shifted his focus to color photography. After studying with Art Wolfe at the Santa Fe workshops, Alan was able to achieve the level of results he was looking for in his color work. All of the images in theColor Photo Gallery were produced after that experience.

Alan's aim is to create unified artistic statements from the myriad chaotic visual experiences presented by the natural world. He leaves to others the documentation of particular species of plants and animals; he is more interested in his subjects as a source of visual beauty.  Occasionally, with the help of both luck and timing, he is able to capture hints of the miraculous and transcendent.

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